Steve Irwin taken out by a giant cat?

CuteOverload has the low down and the pictures.  Maybe it wasn’t a barb of a giant stringray through the chest afterall.  It looks like the cat breath got him.

Cat gets Irwin

BTW – Isn’t it weird how this guy Seth Escort (who looks remarkably like Steve Irwin) has just surfaced.  Seth Escort – Free male escort for woman:

“A free escort? Ladies, your ship has come in! Seth is here to wine you and dine you, take you out for a night on the town, go shopping with you, get a little naughty— whatever you want! And he makes love like a tiger, I’ll bet! Just look at this exciting…”

Seth Escort

Via SomethingAwful


One Response to “Steve Irwin taken out by a giant cat?”

  1. Aramis Says:

    scary stuff.


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