All you need to know about Katie Couric

CBS Evening news have got Couric as their new presentor, and Katie has managed to pull in a few stars.  Clinton, Bush, Rush Limbaugh,and Guiliani have all agreed to come on the show so the Drudge report says.  This is going to drive up the popularity of CBS Evening news by a country mile.

Ann Althouse had a funny opinion, highlighting the fact the CBS had to play an add which added a missing phallus. Like Ann, Freeman Hunt also feels like she’s been duped into watching the show.  She’s trying to resist – but can’t… quite… stop.. herself.  Via

If you want to see what the fuss is all about, check out some of the highlights at

Also noted on Popsugar is the point that Katie managed to corner Suri Cruise – Tom Cruise’s new son – for his TV debut.

Finally – Capitol Hill Blue has a story on how Women need Katie Couric to succeed.

Katie Couric is indeed going to be Googles new best friend today.  Even Scoble might start talking about her.


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