Goat in a Jersey must be a fraud

Took a look at this goat picture that Cute Overload has published today.  It has clean hooves.  No goat has clean hooves.  This picture must be a fraud.


5 Responses to “Goat in a Jersey must be a fraud”

  1. shem kerr Says:

    Obviously Ovis.

  2. readable Says:

    Jeez Shem – I needed to look that word up. I love learning new words. Does NZ still have 60 million of them?

  3. V Says:

    “No goat has clean hooves.”

    What about sheep ?

  4. V Says:

    *repeats to himself* must search wiktionary before posting, must search wiktionary before posting

  5. AuntB Says:

    For one thing…that is not a goat…it is a lamb . Goats and lambs can be kept clean with clean bedding. Take it from a pro 🙂

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