How to squeeze a kitten in to a film tube

I’m a little suprised that no-one’s reported Cute Overload to the SPCA.  Here they have a picture of how to squeeze a kitten into a film tube.  I hope new kitten owners out there don’t try and duplicate the cuteness of this photo and put their own kittens at risk.


5 Responses to “How to squeeze a kitten in to a film tube”

  1. A nonny mouse Says:

    It’s actually a hamster, if that helps.

  2. Jeez Says:

    That’s a Hamster, you dumbshit.

  3. readable Says:

    Maybe it is a hamster – we don’t know for sure. But anyway – even if it was a hamster that doesn’t mean it should be subjected to a film tube. Hamster’s have just as many rights as kittens. My god – who know’s what they’re going to do to the kitten/hamster next.

  4. Spasta Says:

    I’m sure that hamsters have squeezed themselves in smaller spaces all by themselves. At least we know this one had supervision. Lighten up.

  5. Greg Mueller Says:

    Greg Mueller

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