Natascha Kampusch escapes, kidnapper suicides, technology slows investigation

September 7, 2006

Wikipedia has an awesome story on what Natascha Kampusch has been through. I can’t comprehend how a man could have kept her in his basement for 8 years. It sounds pretty similar to the story in “The Collector” – a book that wasn’t found in the kidnapper’s, Wolfgang Priklopil, house.

The investigators are having a hard time, because Wolfgang used an old Commodore 64 for his computing needs, and skills with such an old technology would be rare these days.

Nina has the computer story on


How to squeeze a kitten in to a film tube

September 6, 2006

I’m a little suprised that no-one’s reported Cute Overload to the SPCA.  Here they have a picture of how to squeeze a kitten into a film tube.  I hope new kitten owners out there don’t try and duplicate the cuteness of this photo and put their own kittens at risk.

Pictures galore of Suri Cruise – everyone’s love her – especially Tom

September 6, 2006

It looks like Tom and Enid are taking a couple of months off their busy schedules for photo shoots. Photo’s of them with their baby Suri are popping up everywhere. Even photoshopped photos of Suri are making the rounds. You can even see videos about her, and see the Couric coverage on TMZ

I wonder if the young girls going to be a model when she’s older. She’s certainly going to have a lot of pressure from the press, with superstar parents Tom and Enid. Good luck in your life Suri!

Goat in a Jersey must be a fraud

September 6, 2006

Took a look at this goat picture that Cute Overload has published today.  It has clean hooves.  No goat has clean hooves.  This picture must be a fraud.

All you need to know about Katie Couric

September 6, 2006

CBS Evening news have got Couric as their new presentor, and Katie has managed to pull in a few stars.  Clinton, Bush, Rush Limbaugh,and Guiliani have all agreed to come on the show so the Drudge report says.  This is going to drive up the popularity of CBS Evening news by a country mile.

Ann Althouse had a funny opinion, highlighting the fact the CBS had to play an add which added a missing phallus. Like Ann, Freeman Hunt also feels like she’s been duped into watching the show.  She’s trying to resist – but can’t… quite… stop.. herself.  Via

If you want to see what the fuss is all about, check out some of the highlights at

Also noted on Popsugar is the point that Katie managed to corner Suri Cruise – Tom Cruise’s new son – for his TV debut.

Finally – Capitol Hill Blue has a story on how Women need Katie Couric to succeed.

Katie Couric is indeed going to be Googles new best friend today.  Even Scoble might start talking about her.

Readable gets it’s first fan. Hello to Kelly Whiteley

September 5, 2006

Readable has been running for just over 24 hours, and Kelly Whiteley has already added Readable as one of her Favourite blogs over at  Thanks Kelly, you just made my day!

By the way Kelly, are you the same Kelly from Informix?

Steve Irwin taken out by a giant cat?

September 5, 2006

CuteOverload has the low down and the pictures.  Maybe it wasn’t a barb of a giant stringray through the chest afterall.  It looks like the cat breath got him.

Cat gets Irwin

BTW – Isn’t it weird how this guy Seth Escort (who looks remarkably like Steve Irwin) has just surfaced.  Seth Escort – Free male escort for woman:

“A free escort? Ladies, your ship has come in! Seth is here to wine you and dine you, take you out for a night on the town, go shopping with you, get a little naughty— whatever you want! And he makes love like a tiger, I’ll bet! Just look at this exciting…”

Seth Escort

Via SomethingAwful

Disney to design the gates at LAX

September 5, 2006

Ken from Oblogatory Anecdotes had a gem of an idea. Everyone loves standing in line at the Disney theme parks – especially in Japan where they employ people to shout at you through a loudspeaker. Let’s have the clever people at Disney design the gates at airports so people get the same buzz when they go on a flight as they do riding magic mountain. I bet Donald Rumsfields never been strip searched like Ken’s grandmother was.

Buffy buffed in Pink

September 5, 2006

I think she must have been working out.  Check out the third picture down in Natasha’s Young Black and Fabulous post on “Celeb Chicks get Candid“.  Christina Milian looks pretty hot in the purple – but ummm – not sure on the boots.

Donald Rumsfield has been hitting the news

September 5, 2006

This guy’s a turd. Frank Rich has been calling him a Turd too – in the NY Times.  You need a subscription to read the story there, but you can read it for free at the Tennessee’s Guerilla Women’s site.  So – what’s it all about.   Back in 1983 Rumsfeild met with Saddam Hussein.  Also back in 1938, Adolf Hitler met with Neville Chamberlain.  It seems all the bad guys are meeting all the other bad guys, and they always have throughout history.  *sigh*.  Mark Finkelstein has a few words to say about Rich’s article.